Winners of the 2008 World Press Photo contest:

PHOTO OF THE YEAR, 2008: Anthony Suau, USA, for Time, U.S. Economy in Crisis: Following eviction, Detective Robert Kole must ensure residents have moved out of their home, Cleveland, Ohio, 26 March.

SPOT NEWS SINGLES — 1. Chen Qinggang, China, Hangzhou Daily, Rescue troops carry earthquake survivor, Beichuan County, China, 14 May; 2. Henk Kruger, South Africa, Cape Argus, Man attempts to cross border from Zimbabwe to South Africa, 21 May; 3. Gleb Garanich, Ukraine, Reuters, Georgian man mourns his brother after bombardment, Gori, Georgia, 9 August.

SPOT NEWS STORIES — 1. Walter Astrada, Argentina, Agence France-Presse, Post-election violence in Kenya, January; 2. Bo Bor, China, Reuters, Earthquake in Sichuan Province, China, May; 3. Wojciech Grzedzinski, Poland, Napo Images for Dziennik, Georgian conflict, August; Honorable mention: Sebastian D'Souza, India, Mumbai Mirror, Attack inside Chatrapati Shivaji railway terminus, Mumbai, India, 26 November

GENERAL NEWS SINGLES — 1. Luiz Vasconcelos, Brazil, Jornal A Critica/Zuma Press, Woman tries to stop forced eviction of her people, Manaus, Brazil, 10 March; 2. Zhao Qing, China, Shenzhen Economic Daily, Sichuan earthquake survivors, Beichuan County, 20 May; 3. Kevin Frayer, Canada, The Associated Press, Palestinian protestors take cover from Israeli tear gas, West Bank, 27 May.

GENERAL NEWS STORIES — 1. Davide Monteleone, Italy, Contrasto Abkhazia, September-October; 2. Lars Lindqvist, Sweden, for Dagens Nyheter, Armed conflict in Georgia, August; 3. Olivier Laban Mattei, France, Agence France-Presse, Myanmar (Burma) cyclone aftermath, May.

PEOPLE IN THE NEWS SINGLES — 1. Chiba Yasuyoshi, Japan, Agence France-Presse, Inter-tribal conflict, Western Kenya, 1 March; 2. Yannis Kolesidis, Greece, Reuters, Anti-government riot, Athens, 9 December; 3. Jean Revillard, Switzerland, Hachim, migrant from Afghanistan in Patras, Greece.

PEOPLE IN THE NEWS STORIES — 1. Callie Shell, USA, Aurora Photos for Time, Barack Obama presidential campaign, January-October; 2. Justyna Mielnikiewicz, Poland, for The New York Times, Georgia conflict, August; 3. Philippe Dudouit, Switzerland, Contact Press Images, Tuareg rebels, Mali.

SPORTS ACTION SINGLES — 1. Paul Mohan, Ireland, Sportsfile, Ireland scores against Greece during under-17 European Championship qualifier, Athlone, Ireland, 15 March; 2. Mark Dadswell, Australia, Getty Images, Usain Bolt wins mens 200m final at Beijing Olympic Games, 20 August, 3. Franck Robichon, France, EPA, Triple jump competitor Alexis Copello at Beijing Olympic Games, 18 August.

SPORTS ACTION STORIES — 1. Vincent Laforet, USA, for Newsweek, Divers, Beijing Olympic Games, 23 August; 2. Alexander Taran, Russia, Atlant Media, Sambo World Championships, St. Petersburg, 14-16 November; 3. Julian Abram Wainwright, Canada, for EPA, Men's 10m platform divers, Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, 22-23 August.

SPORTS FEATURES SINGLES — 1. Xiaoling Wu, China, Xinhua News Agency, Judoka Ange Mercie Jean-Baptiste at Olympic Games, Beijing, 11 August; 2. Berthold Steinhilber, Germany, Laif for Stern, Mountain bike race, Les Deux Alpes, France, 20 July; 3. Tomasz Gudzowaty, Poland, Yours Gallery, Child jockey, Mongolia.

SPORTS FEATURES STORIES — 1. Zhao Qing, China, China Youth Daily, Olympics on TV in Beijing; 2. Howard Schatz, USA, At the Fights: Boxers before and after the bout; 3. Paolo Verzone, Italy, Agence Vu, Traveling with Michel Platini.

CONTEMPORARY ISSUES SINGLES — 1. Mashid Mohadjerin, Belgium, Reporters, Coastguards spot a boat with refugees, off Lampedusa, Italy, 30 July; 2. Guillaume Herbaut, France, Oeil Public, Z. (28) former domestic slave, France; 3. Veronique de Viguerie, France, Getty Images for Marie Claire, Memorial for victims of violence against women, Guatemala; Honorable mention, Henry Agudelo, Colombia, Periodico El Colombiano, Homeless in Medellin, Medellin, Colombia, 27 October.

CONTEMPORARY ISSUES STORIES — 1. Carlos Cazalis, Mexico, Corbis, Homeless, Sao Paulo, Brazil; 2. Johan Bävman, Sweden, Sydsvenska Dagbladet, Albino in Tanzania; 3. Massimo Siragusa, Italy, Contrasto, Messina slums, Sicily, Italy.

DAILY LIFE SINGLES — 1. Lissette Lemus, El Salvador, El Diario de Hoy, Petrona Rivas, victim of gang violence, El Salvador, 15 October; 2. Mattia Insolera, Italy, Agenzia Grazia Neri for El Periodico, Gay marriage: Papa Will and daughter Stassa dressing up for his wedding, Barcelona; 3. Tomasz Wiech, Poland, Gazeta Wyborcza Krakow, Corporate breakfast, Poland; Honorable mention, Eraldo Perez, Brazil, The Associated Press, People gather around the body of Thiago Franklino Lima at Coque slum, Recife, Brazil.

DAILY LIFE STORIES — 1. Brenda Ann Kenneally, USA, for The New York Times Magazine, Troy, New York; 2. Anthony Suau, USA, for Time, US economy in crisis; 3. Gen Yamaguchi, Japan, for St. Petersburg Times, Silent Cry: Autism in the family, Tampa, Florida.

PORTRAITS SINGLES — 1. Yuri Kozyrev, Russia, Noor Rajiha Jihad Jassim with her son Sarhan, Baghdad, Iraq; 2. Jerome Bonnet, France, for Libération, Dennis Hopper; 3. Sung Nam-Hun, South Korea, Tibetan novice nun.

PORTRAITS STORIES — 1. Carlo Gianferro, Italy, for Postcart, Roma interiors, Romania; 2. Pep Bonet, Spain, Noor, Forced Identity: Transsexual sex workers, Honduras; 3. Li Jiejun, China, New Express Daily, Icons of war photography.

ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT SINGLES — 1. Giulio Di Sturco, Italy, Agenzia Grazia Neri, Backstage at Indian Fashion Week, Delhi, 2. Jerome Bonnet, France, for Le Monde 2, Anaïs, student at Paris Opera Ballet School; 3. André Vieira, Brazil, Focus Photo und Presse Agentur Xhunos, fashion stylist, Luanda, Angola.

ARTS AND ENTERTAINMENT STORIES — 1. Roger Cremers, the Netherlands, Preserving Memory: Visitors at the Memorial and Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland, 30 April-4 May; 2. Kacper Kowalski, Poland, Kosycarz Foto Press, A day on the beach, Wladyslawowo, Poland, 27 July; 3. Jonathan Torgovnik, USA, for Geo, The Amato Opera Theater, New York.

NATURE SINGLES — 1. Carlos F. Gutierrez, Chile, Patagonia Press for Diario La Tercera, Chaiten volcano erupts, Chile, 2 May; 2. Jeremy Lock, USA, US Air Force, Dust tornado hits French army training camp, Djibouti; 3. Alexey Bushov, Russia, Leopard hunting, Etosha, Namibia.

NATURE STORIES — 1. Steve Winter, USA, National Geographic Magazine, Snow Leopards: Out of the Shadows; 2. Fu Yongjun, China, Hangzhou City Express, A tree by the West Lake, Hangzhou; 3. Heidi & Hans-Jürgen Koch, Germany, for Stern, Animal eyes.