Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman's two-year-old son, Caleb, was treated and released from a Los Angeles-area hospital Friday after accidentally ingesting a chemical mixture from a home volcano kit.

"He'll be perfectly fine," Suleman, 33, told RadarOnline.com after returning home with her son from a precautionary trip to the St. Jude Medical Center's ER yesterday evening.

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Caleb, one of Suleman's 14 children, vomited at the family's La Hambra, Calif., home after swallowing liquid from his older brother's volcano kit, prompting Suleman to dial 911. The boy was taken by ambulance to the Fullerton, Calif., hospital, underwent diagnostic tests and was released. According to Suleman, no further tests or medication will be needed.

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During the ordeal, Suleman's other children -- including her nearly six-month-old octuplet babies -- remained under the supervision of nannies.