Entertainment Tonight.

Singing sensation Susan Boyle nearly triumphed on "Britain's Got Talent," finishing in second place on the finals of the competition on Saturday. How did she react, and who edged her out? Read on for the details!

Viewers voted Diversity, a 10-member dance squad, the winners over Boyle -- who wished them the best and, in high spirits, even lifted her skirt to show off some leg!

On Saturday's finals, the 48-year-old Internet phenomenon thrilled the crowd and judges alike by belting out the song that launched her star -- "I Dreamed a Dream" from Les Miserables.

"Win or lose, you had the guts to come back here tonight, face your critics, and you beat them, and that's the most important thing," judge Simon Cowell told Boyle after she sang. "You can walk away [from] this, win or lose, with your head held high, Susan. I absolutely adore you."

Earlier in the evening, when asked by the show's host why viewers should vote for her to win, Boyle good-naturedly replied, "because I am your Scottish Wonder Woman" -- and she proceeded to pump her fists her at her sides.

The winning act, Diversity, earns a $159,000 grand prize, plus the opportunity to sing for Queen Elizabeth II at the Royal Variety Show, says the Associated Press.