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Actor Alec Baldwin has brushed off a Twitter appeal by his alleged stalker to drop legal action against her, saying the social networking site is not a suitable forum to argue her case.

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Canadian actress Genevieve Sabourin stands accused of bombarding the "30 Rock" star with emails and making unwelcome visits to his New York home after they enjoyed a night out together in 2010.

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She was arrested outside his Manhattan home in April and is now facing a number of harassment and stalking charges, while she has also been ordered not to contact Baldwin or his new wife, Hilaria Thomas.

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The two parties are trying to settle the matter out-of-court to avoid the case going to trial, and on Friday Sabourin issued a public plea to the actor to put an end to her misery by picking up the phone to discuss the issue directly.

In an emotional rant, she wrote, "I'm humiliated + destroyed + exhausted... Alec Baldwin broke my reputation, $$ [money], work... family + friends. Above all, he destroyed my dreams + ability 2 [to] believe in love + justice + 2 trust again... Want 2 call Alec Baldwin direct w [with] no lawyers interfering 2 fix this mess...

"Can't take it anymore... Why [does] Alec Baldwin maintain my injustice [sic] + pain when he know I suffer... I want my charges to drop 2 be free again [sic]."

However, Baldwin is refusing to bow to her Twitter request and a post on his micro-blogging page on Sunday suggests he is determined to let his legal representatives handle the case through the courts.

The actor, who does mention Sabourin by name, writes, "u [sic] can create all the false Twitter accts [accounts] u want in order to make your case. But you don't testify in court via Twitter. Y'all get me now?"