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Amanda's Bynes lawyer has a message for her: Pay up!

Artemio Santiago, Esquire has filed legal docs claiming the troubled actress owes him around $16,000 for helping turn her life around.

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Amanda, of course, spent time in a psychiatric ward near Los Angeles late last year but was released when a hearing officer ruled that she could not be held involuntarily.

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Artemio claims that he got her back on her meds, which he says she wasn't taking at the time, and had lunch with her almost immediately after she got out of the psych ward. He also claims he became her personal assistant, bringing her personal items like ballet shoes, tights and DVDs.

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Artemio's problem, though, is that neither Amanda's parents nor the lawyer for her the conservatorship hired him. According to TMZ, their defense will center around the idea that he took the gig on on his own accord while Amanda didn't have the mentally capacity to hire a lawyer.