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Amanda Bynes had another encounter with the law, but this time she won't be facing any charges.

On Wednesday, Amanda was allegedly caught stealing a hat while shopping at Barneys in New York, TMZ reported.

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Store security nabbed the troubled actress after she tried leaving the high-end department store with a $200 hat on her head -- one that she never paid for, law enforcement sources told the website.

When questioned by store security, Amanda said that she never intended to steal anything and that it was an honest mistake.

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She told security guards that "she was being chased by fans inside Barneys … So she grabbed the cap to cover her face," TMZ said. Without getting into detail, sources also told the website that Amanda was "acting crazy" while shopping inside the Madison Ave. store.

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Later, four New York police officers arrived after they were notified, but they never got a chance to chat with Amanda because store security had already let her go. Amanda didn't get away completely scot-free though -- She is now banned from Barneys after they made her sign a no-trespass agreement.

The incident comes a mere two weeks after she was nabbed for a DUI for the second time in California.