Michelangelo di Battista / Elle 1 / 3
Michelangelo di Battista / Elle 1 / 3

By Dana Flax

Veteran supermodel Amber Valletta is no stranger to glamour; in fact, she pretty much lives and breathes swanky, understated fabulosity, by the looks of a photo spread in the new issue of Elle (on stands now). Read on to see highlights from their interview with the humble multihyphenate (including how she's OK with not being super duper A-list -- refreshing!), and then check out the rest of the coverage over at Elle.com.

Fashion Spotlight: Amber Valletta

On the bad rap that those skinny stick figures commonly get:

"There's something about the word model that immediately discredits you."

Listen, all you Hollywood wannabes, a "slow" rise to fame may not be so bad:

"I feel like I'm right where I'm supposed to be. If success had come too soon, maybe I wouldn't have been ready for it."

Amber Valletta Photo Shoot from ELLE's Women In Hollywood issue

On donning a club-bangin' orange wig for her role in "Gamer":

"I look like a Popsicle."

Sure, Amber, we totally believe you're, like, not an uber-glamourpuss:

"The image that's out there of me is this poised, classic woman, but that's so not the case. I'm kind of goofy by nature."


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