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Jennifer Aniston's current lot in life is to be romantically linked to any biped male within a five-foot radius, which is just what happened on Tuesday night. The New York Post says the actress "flirted up a storm" with her "He's Just Not That Into You" co-star, Bradley Cooper, during a post-premiere bash for her new flick, "Management," at Manhattan eatery Table 8.

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"Bradley and Jennifer were definitely into each other," a spy conclusion-leaps to the paper. "She kept touching his chest and whispering in his ear."

Adding an extra dose of drama to the duo's ostensible friendliness: Jennifer Esposito, who was married to the actor for a few months back in 2007, was supposedly seen "angrily" downing vodka at the bar.

The paper also finds it noteworthy that Cooper, who was once briefly linked to Cameron Diaz and was recently spied hanging out with Mary-Kate Olsen, changed from a white button-down shirt to a blue one before exiting within 10 minutes of Aniston (our guess: the blue better complemented his eyes).

It's been a busy week, rumor-wise, for Jen, who makes the cover of this week's In Touch with a story of her purported meet-up with ex-husband Brad Pitt.

She admits the tabloid chatter can sometimes get to be too much.

"There are moments I do get a little holed-up and I just don't want to deal [with the attention]," the John Mayer relapser acknowledges to AM New York. "Fans I love. [It's] just this sort of man-made soap opera that has been written and I've been assigned a certain part and everybody has their characters."

But the attention sure didn't seem to bother the golden glow-emitting A-lister at the "Management" soiree.

"It was crazy. EVERYBODY there was trying to talk to her and get her attention," an eyewitness marvels to "Jen was in a great mood and was really just enjoying herself, she was surrounded by friends and literally greeted every single person that walked up to her. She didn't want to be separated or in a roped off area so everyone had access to her."

Speaking of access, that's apparently something that Aniston's mother, Nancy, now has after many years of estrangement, a situation that was exacerbated in 1999 by the publication of her misleadingly titled book about their issues, "From Mother and Daughter to Friends: A Memoir."

"It's good. It's OK. Things are now fine between us," the actress tells the New York Post's Cindy Adams. "All of that is over, and we're in touch with one another. Today Mom has moved from California and she's living in Colorado, and we speak, and it's all over."

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