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By Melissa Hunter

Combine an affinity for pranks, a captive audience of millions, a lazy Sunday afternoon, and advanced Photoshop skills, and you've got yourself another Ashton Tweet that made the news.

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Ashton Kutcher posted a picture on Twitter yesterday of Demi Moore with a mohawk, saying, "wifey just got a new hair cut what do you guys think? I love it" And as Demi Moore has an undying sense of humor for her husbands shenanigans (that's true love, right there), she replied, "I have the buzzer ready baby!"

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While Ashton revealed it was a joke a mere two tweets later, many followers and blogs picked it up questioning if it was real. In fairness, it's not terribly far fetched since Demi is one of the few ladies in history to successfully pull off a hot buzz cut. A mohawk is simply the only natural hair progression for her.

In other news, it's a slow news day.