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Former Bond girl Shirley Eaton has lodged an official complaint with Twitter after an online prankster set up an account in her name.

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The 75-year-old actress, famed for being covered in gold paint for her role in 1964 007 movie "Goldfinger," was left fuming after she discovered an online impersonator had hijacked her details to post messages on the social networking website.

Eaton complained to website execs and the fake account has now been suspended.

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She tells Britain's Daily Mail newspaper, "I'm incandescent that someone has stolen my name and is using it to get attention. It's identity theft. I don't even want to be on Twitter, I think it's abhorrent, people sending messages to say they're doing the washing-up [washing dishes]or whatever.

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"It seems unfair that anyone can set up on Twitter using my name, or the name of any famous person, without any checks at all. If a friend of mine hadn't seen it, I would never have known - they could have said anything in my name and I wouldn't have known a thing about it."