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Peter Kramer / Invision/AP 1 / 11

By Melissa Hunter, Reporting by Mary S. Park

With Fashion Week in full swing, Wonderwall got a chance to talk with former model, current actress, and full-time mom Brooke Shields. Since she basically came of age as a fashion muse, it's no wonder she is a regular in the front row of most shows this week. Read on for her thoughts on Fashion Week, Fall trends, and her daughters' future in modeling,

Wonderwall: What do you want your daughters to know about the glamorous world of fashion?

Brooke: That it's not glamorous or fashion unless they feel good and they're enjoying it. When it's a chore or a job or you're doing to look like somebody else, that's when you need to take a step back and reassess.

WW: Would you be happy if your daughters became models like you?

BS: Oh God. You know what? They can do what they want if they get an education. You know, I'm not going to say no if that's what they aspire to ... They have the confidence but I don't know if they have the patience. I don't know, they may get bored. I hope they don't want to.

WW: Do you want them to go to Princeton like you?

BS: A good university. They get to have a huge say in [their career choices] but they can't do anything else until they get an education.

WW: What shows are you most excited to see?

BS: This is my first show of [Pamela Rolland's] and I just started wearing her stuff. Roland is a mom and her daughters are sort of the same age difference, which I appreciate. But I love that she has a classic style and a sophisticated style but then you'll something like that (pointed to the criss cross shoulder detail on the dress she was wearing) which is a little something extra. I find that it makes it youthful without making it seem like you're trying to not be your age.

WW: What trends will you be wearing in the Fall?

BS: I don't know maybe you should ask me after the show ... I buy something new all the time. (Laughs) My fashion must have is to keep shopping.

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