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Brooklyn Decker is best known for baring her famous bod (2010's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover), being married to a tennis phenom (Andy Roddick) and co-starring in a hit comedy flick ("Just Go With It" opposite Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston). But what you might not know about this 5-foot, 9-inch, blond Ohio-born-stunner is that she's got a thing for Charlize Theron.

But no need to worry, Andy. Decker says it's just a career crush, and a fitting one at that. Theron also started as a model before becoming a box office star, and Decker is definitely on her way to following in her fashionable footsteps courtesy of a pair of highly-anticipated projects in 2012 (the big-budget action flick "Battleship" and the comedy "What to Expect When You're Expecting"). But before she graces the big screen again she will be spotted on the small one as a presenter at Spike TV's Video Game Awards, airing Dec. 10 on Spike and MTV2.

In an interview with Wonderwall, Decker discussed why she adores Theron, her obsession with Christmas decorations, and the best way to wear a bikini. Listen up, ladies.

Wonderwall: So, you're presenting at Spike's Video Game Awards later this month. Are you a big video game fan?

Brooklyn Decker: I don't have a clue about video games, to be honest. I wasn't allowed to play them as a kid, so my brother and I would sneak a Super Nintendo from the neighbor's house to play. That is really the extent of my experience -- sneaking video game systems from my neighbors or my friends.

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WW: What games would you sneak? Any favorites?

BD: I loved "Mario Kart," but "Donkey Kong" was my favorite! It was the best. "Donkey Kong" on the Super Nintendo was more 3D than the regular Nintendo, and I thought that was super fancy.

WW: Why weren't you allowed to play?

BD: My parents are kind of hippies and they wanted my brother and I to be into music, so we didn't have cable TV. I wasn't allowed to watch MTV growing up. I wasn't allowed to play video games -- nothing. I had a very strict household. They were like, "If you want to play video games, go outside and ride your bike instead." I mean, I totally get it [now] and I love that they did that. But that's why my skills on "World of Warcraft" are not so great.

WW: Why do you think guys are so into video games?

BD: On the inside, every guy has this fantasy of being some sort of warrior, and video games allow you to do that, in a safer environment. They get to pretend run around with machine guns and swords and they get to pick these weapons -- it's a thrill for guys. It's the same as girls playing dress; they get to pretend to be something they are not. I definitely see the appeal in it.

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WW: Who's the best video game player in your house?

BD: Oh, gosh. None of us are really big video gamers, but we do play games on our iPhones. I know it sounds horrible, since I'm presenting at the Spike Video Game Awards, but I still don't have that much exposure to video games.

WW: Do you have a favorite game on your iPhone?

BD: We play "Words With Friends," "Scrabble" and "Battleship" -- nerdy games like that. They're really cool, though.

WW: Girls often complain that guys spend too much time playing video games, which is such a bad habit. What do you think is the worst habit a guy can have?

BD: Playing too many video games is definitely up there. You want someone you can be active with, instead of a guy who just sits around and plays games all day. It's not a very attractive quality, I have to say.

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WW: Speaking of being active, you always look so fit, especially in your bikini. What's the best bikini-wearing advice you can offer other women?

BD: Pick which feature you want to show off. You have to pick the feature that works best for you and then find a bathing suit to accentuate that. If that means you wear a T-shirt to the beach over cute bikini bottoms, so be it. But the biggest thing is being comfortable, because when you're comfortable, you just look more beautiful no matter what you're wearing.

WW: Next year, you'll star in the films "Battleship" and "What to Expect When You're Expecting." Your acting career is really flourishing -- congratulations! What's the best piece of acting advice you've been given?

BD: My director Peter Berg, who directed "Battleship," told me that at the end of the day, it's all about playing. It sounds simple, but it's a really great piece of advice because it takes a lot of the pressure off. It helps me remember that [actors] are so lucky and we should enjoy it. That's the biggest thing for me, remembering to enjoy it and just play.

WW: Making the transition from modeling to acting is not an easy segue. So many models, both men and women, try to do it and fail. What has been the key to your success in making the move to the big screen?

BD: I'm still making that transition, so only time will tell. But the biggest thing for me, and what people are responding to, is that I'm willing to work my a-- off. At the end of the day, I study as hard as I can and I work as hard as I can. You can ask anybody and they will tell you, "She may be new to the game, but she is going to work her butt off." That's a rare quality in our generation.

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WW: Is there anyone's career that you admire or have tried to emulate?

BD: I love Cameron Diaz; she's fantastic. Charlize Theron is someone whom I respect the most in this career. She is so poised and so intelligent and, obviously, incredibly talented. And she seems to be really grounded and normal. She is my dream girl in this career, definitely.

WW: Have you met her?

BD: No, we have never met. I would love to one day, though.

WW: The holiday season is here. Any special events or traditions that you are most looking forward to this season?

My family is coming to Texas for the first time ever, which is very exciting. Our house becomes like Chevy Chase's in 'Christmas Vacation.' It could double as a helicopter landing pad -- it's ridiculous and glowing. It's horrible for the environment because we are using so much power but I figure for one or two weeks over the holiday, it's worth it.

WW: What does it look like?

Lights everywhere, everywhere, everywhere! Lights on the roof, lights on the garage, lights on the back door. Just tons of lights and tons of greenery. I get way too into the holidays.

WW: Enjoy your lights and have a great holiday!

You, too, have a wonderful holiday.

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