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Bruce Jenner is being sued by the stepchildren of the woman who died in his February car crash.

Kim Howe's step kids filed the wrongful death lawsuit in court, claiming that Bruce was "careless and negligent" when he slammed into Howe's Lexus in Malibu. Howe's car then careered into oncoming traffic and collided head on with a Hummer. Bruce has been reported to be at fault in the crash.

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News of a lawsuit being filed isn't exactly surprising. Rumors ran rampant after the accident that such a thing would likely happen.

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The lawsuit claims that Bruce was speeding when he slammed into the back on Kim's car, although, according to TMZ, that contradicts what law enforcement has said.

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The website claims that the stepchildren has virtually no relationship with their stepmother, so claiming any damages may be especially hard to prove. The lawsuit claims the death caused them a "loss of affection."

No criminal charges have been filed, and it's highly possible that they won't be.