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Bruce Jenner is going through a lot -- both physically, as has been well documented -- and emotionally, in light of his recent car accident that resulted in a fatality. And, to simply say he's "going through a lot" is probably a huge understatement.

Just 24 hours after he was involved in the deadly crash, Bruce was seen going on a drive near his home, perhaps just to clear his head. The accident that killed a neighbor is weighing heavily on him.

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"Bruce is devastated," a source told Us Weekly. "The accident happened right in front of his eyes and he stayed there the entire time watching everything. The woman who passed away was not in good shape and Bruce saw her body being taken out of the car."

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"He knows he wasn't responsible but he still feels terrible," the insider adds. "This past week was rough for him."

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Good thing for Bruce, though, he has the universal support of his Kardashian and Jenner families.

"All the girls checked in with Bruce after the accident," the source said. "All of them. They all wanted to make sure he was okay and to show their support. They really are trying to be there for him as much as they can right now. This is tough on him."

The accident comes as Bruce begins his rumored transition from male to female.