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By Melissa Hunter

This weekend, Channing Tatum stepped up to the plate (zing!) and married his "Step Up" co-star Jenna Dewan.

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The on-screen, off-screen couple started dating back in 2005 when they filmed the dance flick. In "Step Up" they played the classically derivative "unexpected pair who falls in love through the art of dance." In real life, their love story was more like "two hot actors who spent a couple months together and shacked up." We think the second story is a more compelling love story, ultimately.

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People reports that the pair got married in Malibu in a private estate looking over the ocean with 220 guests, one of whom was Dewan's close friend Haley Duff. The wedding had a fairy theme, which included the flower girls wearing wings as they walked down the aisle and a magic-castle-shaped cake. While there weren't reports about the reception, we presume there was a ballerina-meets-street-dancing theme going on.

Tatum stars in the upcoming action figure-turned-major-studio-movie "Transformers," ... er, "GI Joe." Close enough.

Did Channing and Jenna recently have a wild taxi ride? We inspect the evidence.