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Cher's son, Chaz Bono, won't be feeding his face this Thanksgiving after losing a 85 pounds on a diet plan set out for him by a group of TV medics.

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The activist and reality TV star kickstarted his health and fitness battle a year ago after tipping the scales at 250 pounds in November 2012, and he turned to the hosts of "The Doctors" for advice.

They put him on a strict diet and exercise plan and Bono returned to their show in February 40 pounds lighter.

He has now doubled that and returned to the daily show, telling his mentors, "My life feels completely different and I'm really grateful."

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But the weight loss led to more surgery for Bono, who was born a girl and underwent a series of procedures to achieve his dream of becoming a man.

He tells news show Extra, "I had to have some excess skin removed. It's not fun but it was worth it."

And he's a lot richer for his efforts. Bono's proud mother cheered on her son by handing over $1,000 for every two pounds he dropped.

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