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Susana York / Splash News 1 / 5

By Michelle Lanz, reporting by Mary S. Park

It was just a few years ago that aspiring fashion designer Christian Siriano was a fresh face on Season 4 of Project Runway. Three years after his win, the Brooklyn-based designer is showing at Fashion Week and dressing celebs like Mena Suvari and Christina Hendricks. Wonderwall caught up with Siriano exclusively at the Alexa Chung for Madewell event at New York's Bowery Hotel on Monday. He chatted about "Jersey Shore," designing for celebs and how he's waiting on a check from Kanye West.

WW: Jwwow is launching her own line. What do you think of "Jersey Shore" style?

CS: Oh my God. I can't deal with that, I really can't. I haven't seen an episode. I can't, it's just too much for me.

WW: We heard the "Jersey Shore" kids are trying to score tickets inside the tents.

CS: Well, I'm glad my show's over!

WW: Are you going to check out the Kardashian sisters' lines with Bebe?

CS: Things like that don't always work. Because I think at the end of the day, you have to have some type of knowledge. And yeah, I think sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It's like Paris ... obviously Paris knows about fashion in some way because she's been around it all her life. I don't necessarily know if it's the same -- but at least it's not never ever (like) the "Housewives." It's really tough. It's a hard sell, you know? I think image (alone) doesn't sell a collection at the end of the day.

WW: What do you think of Marc Jacobs banning celebrities from his show?

CS: It just depends. I mean, like I always say, when I dress celebs for my front row or people I invite, it's always because of a relationship. That's why I have kind of a random friend list. I get requests to dress and send things to the most random list, everything from the "Housewives" to Christina Hendricks. You know what I mean? It's so opposite. It's kind of like who I love. Like Mena Suvari, we're such good friends. She's a small indie actress, but I love everything that she's in.

WW: You could do her wedding dress?

CS: No, I'm not because she's such good friends with Stacey from Alice + Olivia. But I might do a fun party bridal dress for her and that would be cute. I think things like that are great, but if I'm not into that person, then it might not make sense.

WW: What do you think of the "big girl" fallout when Christina Hendricks wore your gorgeous Golden Globes dress?

CS: I loved it. I thought she looked amazing. It's a very subjective dress. Some people will hate it, which is totally fine. But I thought she looked great and she loved it, which is what mattered. Because she'll come for more. Also, at the end of the day, a lot of the celebs, yes, they do get things for free, but they also buy. I love a good buyer. Trust me, Amber (Rose) and I, we are going to be friends because Kanye's going to write a check and he's going to buy something. I'm working it!

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