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Kate Gosselin's hairstyle is fierce! "Project Runway" winner Christian Siriano admits to sharing a similar assymetrical coif with the "Jon & Kate Plus 8" star.

"Is she trying to rock my look?" Siriano, 23, quipped to at the Payless Fashion's Night Out event in NYC Thursday. "Oh my god. It's cute. It's fun."

He admits that the haircut, which he joked is the new 'Rachel' (after Jennifer Aniston's popular '90s Friends 'do), is most popular among women.

"I understand, personally, it is a lot of look, but you know what is so funny is I know so many women who are literally obsessed with that hairstyle," he told Us. "It's crazy."

Still, he doesn't know if the look works for Gosselin.

"It's crazy because if she was a real person, which at this point, now she is not, then I think it is a cool, cute look," he told Us. "If she really was an everyday mom, I think I'd be like, 'Oh lady, look at you, you look fabulous!' Now she needs to up her game."

Siriano also admitted he doesn't like watching the TLC show.

"No. I am not a fan," he says. "Like, I can't say that because what am I a fan of? 'I loved that episode where you yelled at your child for four hours!'"


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