Connor Cruise has a brand new 'do!

The 17-year-old son of actors Tom Cruise, 50, and Nicole Kidman, 45, unveiled his new look via Instagram July 19. "Chopped," he wrote, without providing further explanation. Connor -- who goes by the stage name DJ C-Squared -- now sports a mohawk with an intricate design shaved into the side of his head.

Connor's bold new look comes less than a month after his stepmother, Katie Holmes, 33, filed for divorce from his father after five years of marriage.  He is reportedly "really upset" about the actors' breakup. "Katie was practically his mom," a source recently told Us Weekly. "He called her mom, too." (Connor was adopted in February 1995 and has four siblings: Isabella, 19, Suri, 6, Sunday, 4, and Faith, 18 months.)

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According to another insider, Kidman had secret conversations with Holmes as The Romantics actress struggled to end her marriage.

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"They've spoken over the last few weeks," the confidant explains. "Nicole has been supportive, saying she's been through it too and to hang in there."

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