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Courtney Love has slammed allegations she's facing eviction from her New York home after falling behind on her rent and changing the decor without permission.

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The Hole rocker moved into the New York townhouse earlier this year, but the building's owner, Donna Lyon, is preparing for a legal battle with Love over claims she owes more than $50,000 in rent.

Lyon also alleges the singer redecorated the home without permission, but Love has spoken out to dismiss her claims.

The rocker tells New York Post gossip column Page Six, "I haven't fallen behind on the rent -- I have been paying month to month as agreed."

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"My rent is current, but the owner is now asking for the remaining two months up front. Even though it's not required, I'd happily pay that and another six months' rent upfront if she would extend the lease for six months."

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"I have repainted, but I asked permission, and used a painter approved by the owner."

The civil case will go to court in Manhattan on Dec. 21.