Daryl Hannah is willing to go to some serious extremes for her beliefs.

The 51-year-old actress was arrested in Texas Thursday after she and an area landowner, Eleanor Fairchild, 78, did their best to block construction on the Keystone XL pipeline (which is being built to transport crude oil from Alberta, Canada to Texas' Gulf Coast.)

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The two women reportedly stood on equipment located on Fairchild's Winnsboro, TX farm; Hannah was arrested and charged with criminal trespass, as well as resisting arrest. (She paid a $1,000 bond and a $3,000 bond for the separate charges).

"It is unfortunate Ms. Hannah and other out-of-state activists have chosen to break the law by illegally trespassing on private property," TransCanada spokesman David Dodson told the Associated Press in an emailed statement. (TransCanada is the company building the estimated $7 billion pipeline).

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This isn't the first time Hannah has gotten in trouble for her anti-pipeline activism; last August, she was arrested at a protest against the Keystone XL's construction in Washington D.C.

This article originally appeared on Usmagazine.com: Daryl Hannah Arrested, Charged With Trespassing