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Eight months after giving birth to twin boys, Elsa Pataky is back in fighting form. The 38-year-old mother of three looked stunning as she strolled down the red carpet in her hometown of Madrid, Spain, on Wednesday at the premiere of her sexy new short film for the lingerie line Women's Secret.

And while she was teased by Joan Rivers over the size of her double-duty baby bump while pregnant, Pataky is the picture of svelte beauty in the new lingerie spot.

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The film stars Pataky as a painter who, while indulging in her art, receives an anonymous gift at her door. She opens it to discover that someone has sent her a collection of sultry bras, panties and various underthings, along with a mysterious note telling her the gift includes everything she needs for a night out with a special someone.

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After turning on some tunes, Pataky proceeds to try on the various pieces in front of her mirror, dancing around as she coyly asks the mirror -- in paint -- whether she's the "fairest of them all."

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The film, directed by Paula Ortiz, ends with the actress finding a rosy red apple at the bottom of the gift box.

In addition to their sons, Tristan and Sasha, Pataky and her husband Chris Hemsworth are parents to a daughter, India Rose.