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Holly Madison is lying through her teeth about her sensational claims about life in the Playboy Mansion, so says a former Playboy model.

Izabella St. James lived in the famous Playboy estate for two years alongside Holly and she said the "Down the Rabbit Hole" author was nothing more than a "weirdo" and an "outsider." She even said Holly had an unhealthy "single white female" obsession with Playboy head honcho Hugh Hefner.

In an interview with, Izabella said Holly is seeking revenge for Hugh not marrying her when she was supposed to be girlfriend No. 1. She's basically fabricating her experiences to draw attention to her book, the model says.

"She is selling the book by making outrageous claims, and doing tell-all interviews where she says he degraded her and calls it the house of horrors. If it was the house of horrors, she was the most willing and happy participant of it all," Izabella said. "When you want something so badly, lose all dignity, and cross all moral boundaries to get it and then turn it around to make yourself a victim, and maybe she has made herself believe this, but I feel sorry for Hef that she is just so completely ungrateful."

She continued her verbal assault on Holly, saying, "She throws [Hugh] under the bus without giving him any credit. It is almost disrespectful and mind blowing to be so delusional."

In Holly's book, a New York Times bestseller, she claims that it was hell living in the mansion and that Hugh manipulated the girls and pitted them against each other.

"She does not take any responsibility for her choices or actions. Instead, she chooses to vilify Hef, vilify former boyfriend Criss Angel, vilify the friends she never made and the girls who didn't like her," Isabella said. "It's a self-serving read and I think it is almost like a girl that was never liked is finally having her revenge on the nice, cool kids that didn't accept her in their circle, which I think is a very high school approach. It is a way for her to justify the things she did to get to where she is today, because Holly did some really nasty things."

Isabella, who also wrote a book about life in the mansion, thinks that Holly is actually guilty of a lot of the things she's accusing Hef of.

"Holly chose to just completely lie and omit that she was absolutely, completely obsessed with Hugh," Izabella said. "She admits to trying out for Playboy when she was in high school or college, or pursuing that and being very aware of the brand and fantasizing about Marilyn Monroe and Playboy, but completely dismisses how she treated Hugh.

"The reality is, Holly had a calculated plan to get in there and be Hef's girlfriend. She was completely obsessed with him, to the point where she tried to make herself look like him. That maroon robe that he wears, she had one made so she could match him. Whatever shirt he wore out, she tried to match. She knew that he was enamored with Marilyn Monroe, so she went and got her haircut and makeup done like Marilyn, which totally backfired."

Holly vs. Isabella. Hottest. Catfight. Ever.