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Being an employee of Oprah (albeit an erratic one) can only take Lindsay Lohan so far these days. TMZ says the recidivist starlet is supplementing her once-robust income with a cash-for-clubbing scheme in London.

While she earns a tip of our hat for finding a way to make money for doing something she enjoys and is good at, it's probably not the wisest option for someone with a frequent-rehabber card.

According to TMZ, LiLo has "hooked up with some Londoners with connections to the city's hottest clubs and other night spots ... and they've negotiated deals for her to make tens of thousands of dollars in appearance fees."

The erstwhile actress is rumored to be pulling down between $5,000 and $15,000 per appearance.

Lohan, 27, arrived in London earlier this month and has already become a nighttime fixture, so much so that she reportedly requested a police escort on Tuesday as she walked 10 feet from her car into a building. Several officers were dispatched to play bodyguard.

On Thursday, she hit the Mayfair hotspot No. 41 with her brother Michael, although the establishment denies she was paid to appear.

Given Lindsay's limited job options, clubbing could be a solid way for her to sock away some money, especially if she's able to hold onto her self-proclaimed sobriety while doing it. But the London Mirror pours cold water on our hopes that she's saving for the inevitable rainy days ahead by claiming she presented her new beau with an expensive accessory.

Seems Lohan has been spending time with model-university student Christian Arno Williams, 23, and recently bought him a $50,000 Rolex.

Head, meet desk.


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