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Think Jimmy Choo shoes are simply very expensive if very fashionable footwear? Think again, because they are so much more. Slip on a pair of these babies and you'll suddenly feel like a teenager, just like Nicole Kidman here.

No, really, that's actually the 46-year-old Oscar winner, or at least it was at some point.

Kidman promotes the brand by posing sans pants while decked out in a pair of $1,000 booties, a $4,000 python bag, a white blazer and tousled blond locks. The already preternaturally dewy actress seemingly took a long soak in the Fountain of Youth prior to the shoot.

Accompanying the ad is a video that features hazy snippets of Kidman's face, along with possible snippets of her body (though it's more likely a double) and a handsome and equally youthful male model. Watch it here.

"[Nicole] is a true chameleon in how she transforms herself each season creating such strong imagery," understates Jimmy Choo's creative director.

Says Kidman, who was shot by photographer Willy Vanderperre, "It was fun to embrace a more rebellious spirit for Jimmy Choo; we listened to a lot of great rock music to get in the mood for the shoot."

This is Kidman's fourth ad campaign for Jimmy Choo. Previous spots have found her topless and in granny panties.


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