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As befitting a woman who's been playing fast and loose with the original shape of her face and lips, Lindsay Lohan cares about appearances. So, when reports surfaced a few days back alleging her financial woes (in technical terms, she's reportedly "flat-out broke") had forced her to move back into the childhood bedroom she once occupied in mom Dina's mortgaged-to-the-hilt Long Island home, she moved fast.

A helpful "friend" informs TMZ that LiLo definitely isn't reduced to shacking up with her mother. Instead, she's occupying a pal's New York penthouse rent-free until she can find a place of her own. (And yes, we, too, figured the next step in her spiral would be posing for Penthouse, not living in one.)

That's quite a generous friend, given Lindsay's rumored history of treating her living quarters with less than the proper amount of respect.

Speaking of Dina's pad, the New York Post reports a process server arrived at the $1.3 million mansion on Thursday with documents related to foreclosure proceedings. Like her daughter, Dina is severely in the red, and court records show that she came close to losing her home to foreclosure in 2005 and 2012.

"After all that time being in the business, making money, [Lindsay] doesn't own a house, a car, furniture, an apartment," a source tells the New York Daily News. "She has nothing to her name. It's quick money here and there, and she blows it right away."


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