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It's looking serious, people. Two days after Prince Harry's first official public appearance with Cressida Bonas, the previously camera-shy couple of two years enjoyed another date in the spotlight, this time taking in a rugby match on Sunday in London. In photos, Cressida can be seen looking adoringly at the ginger-haired prince as he watches the game between England and Wales from behind sunglasses (see pic below).

Such cozy outings are ramping up already-swirling engagement talk. The latest, courtesy of the Daily Mail, claims Prince Harry, 29, has invited the blue-blooded Bonas, 25, to join him this summer at the Queen's Scottish estate, Balmoral.

As the tab puts it, a visit to his grandma's retreat is "a rite of passage for any royal bride-to-be." Duchess Kate and her parents accompanied Prince William there in October 2010, one month before their engagement was announced.

"Prince Harry is expected to bring Cressida," tattles a Balmoral source. "It is the talk of the estate."

British bookmakers have already cut the odds on an engagement announcement in 2014 to 8/13. Odds are the pair's newly raised profile has also taken some of the heat off William and Kate, who are facing a barrage of criticism over their a baby-free trip to an exclusive Maldives resort.

Meanwhile, when not spending quantity time with Harry, Cressida is trading schmoopy texts with him.

They "text all the time. It's very cute," a source tells Us. "It's emoji central with those two. The chat window on his phone is incredibly colorful."

Not that they've needed to text too much. Adds the insider, "She's always at his place."


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