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Like a freshly powdered baby's bottom after a diaper change, it's cleanup time for Simon Cowell and his pregnant paramour, Lauren Silverman. Following weeks of bad press over his role in Silverman's just-settled divorce, Cowell and his camp now appear to be putting a spit-shine on the situation, starting with a reunion this week in the south of France, where he's been yachting with friends.

"He is very pleased that her divorce is finalized, and he is excited about spending time with Lauren," a spy assures People. "He wants to make sure that she and the baby are doing okay. He is getting more and more excited about the baby."

Pipes in another, equally enthusiastic source, "They are definitely an item. They are making plans together for the future for themselves and the baby."

Earlier this week, the "X Factor" dream-crusher declared that he's "proud to be a dad" and called Lauren a "very special girl."

They are "100 percent together," another confidant tells E! News, echoing the party line that they're "definitely a couple. The relationship is loving, and they're very happy together."

But Cowell's sudden burst of domestic bliss seemingly only goes so far.

"Simon still has no plans to live with Lauren permanently, or to get married," cautions a People insider. "But Simon is a softy at heart, and his feelings could definitely change. No one would have ever thought that he would be this excited about a surprise baby."

Meanwhile, the rumored meeting he recently had with Lauren's ex-husband (and his onetime friend), Andrew Goldman, resolved some of their outstanding issues, says the New York Post. The Goldmans, who are parents to a 7-year-old son, settled their split last week, not long after Andrew named Cowell as a co-respondent in his adultery-citing divorce filing.

"Cowell and his legal team wanted his name removed from the divorce papers so this does not tarnish him," alleges a snitch. "Cowell wanted a face-to-face meeting to clear the air and make sure Andrew wouldn't speak out about him. … Andrew really wants to keep his friendship with Cowell. The meeting ended with them shaking hands and an agreement their discussion would remain confidential."

Except, of course, for leaking it to the Post, which quotes another insider as saying that Andrew is glad to be out of the marriage because "Lauren is quite a handful, and now Simon has to deal with that. She's his problem."

But reps for Simon and Andrew adamantly deny this version of events, telling the paper in a joint statement, "This is a completely untrue, fabricated account from an uninformed person trying to advance their own desperate agenda."


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