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No two people can make Canadians hang their heads and mutter, "Please don't blame us," quite like Justin Bieber and crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford. But what happens when those two trouble-magnet forces collide? The Toronto Star has a magical story detailing what happened when the bad boy-ish pop star, 20, bumped into embattled politician at a club back in March.

The tale begins outside Toronto City Hall on March 15, when Ford, who announced on Wednesday that he's taking a leave of absence to seek treatment, met four random guys and decided to invite them to his house.

From there, he ordered up a party bus and headed to the exclusive Muzik nightclub, where he drank "to excess" and eventually crossed paths with the Biebs.

According to the paper, Ford attempted to shake hands with Justin and "became enraged" when the popster "jokingly" asked him, "Did you bring any crack to smoke?"

At that point, Ford's security detail escorted him "back to his party booth."

Bieber, meanwhile, took a break from the latest drama with Selena Gomez to soak up a river of adulation in New York.

On Wednesday, he was seen doing a benevolent overlord act as he greeted fans from the sunroof of his chauffeur-driven SUV (photo above). Justin then gestured, a la Moses, for the crowd to part so he could drive into the garage of his hotel.

"Love nyc. Love #mybeliebers," he tweeted. "Your love doesn't go unrecognized."


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