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If this is a day ending in "y," it must be time for the tabloids to link Jennifer Aniston to someone new. This time out, they've conveniently settled on the most eligible star in her professional orbit, namely, Gerard Butler, who's reportedly in talks to appear with the actress in a pair of in-development projects.

In Touch and the London Daily Mail claim that Aniston, who bid her second adieu to John Mayer last month, is keen to make a love connection with the strapping Scottish actor, with both outlets citing their supposedly undeniable spark.

In Touch claims Aniston recently had "several secret" get-togethers with Butler in New York, where she's filming "The Baster." "She said that in their film meetings, the chemistry was intense and physical," alleges an insider.

The paper also mentions the C-word, with a source saying, "Jen has said they have fabulous chemistry and would be great on screen together. She's put tremendous pressure on her agent to get these projects to go ahead."

You'll recall that the Aniston, 40, and Butler, 39, were briefly linked last September after they chitchatted at the Toronto International Film Festival, a meet-up that was said to be work-related (they're considering teaming up on both the period musical prison pic "The Goree Girls" and a bounty hunter flick).

"Now [that] Jennifer's single again, she's no longer keeping her admiration for him secret," maintains the Mail's mole, while a Butler buddy asserts to In Touch, "He's very excited to see her and wants to hook up with her again and hang out."

But the actor's so-called pal believes that Jen should proceed with caution, warning, "He's totally a player."

Aniston's rep didn't respond to our request for comment on whether or not the Butler did it (for her).

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