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Jennifer Lopez is the quadruple threat -- she can sing, dance, act and carry a reality TV show. But, there may be one thing left to conquer... Vegas, baby!

Speculation has been stirring for months as to who will get the next big Las Vegas show residency, a la Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Bruno Mars and Elton John. Could J.Lo be next?

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The "American Idol" judge's presence did not go unnoticed in Sin City over the weekend as she took in Shania Twain's show at Caesars Palace on Friday night with her manager Benny Medina.

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With the impending departure of Shania in December, coupled with Celine indefinitely canceling her upcoming shows to help care for her husband, Caesars has been stuck with the unenviable task of filling its voluminous Colosseum.

To be fair, the presence of any major talent attending another artist's large-scale Vegas production has always raised a few eyebrows in the desert. Sometimes, though, the speculation has come true.

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In the past, the Colosseum theater has rotated major headliners through its walls, including Cher and Bette Midler. The most recent Caesars residency foursome consisted of Celine, Shania, Elton and Rod Stewart. Without Celine and Shania as a part of the Vegas hotel's entertainment flock, could Jenny from the Block save the day?