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The famous purity ring that Nick Jonas donned for so long is no longer a part of his ensemble!

The newly-minted sex symbol and one-third of the Jonas Brothers revealed that he no longer wears his purity ring because he's not a virgin anymore.

"I'm an adult in all ways," he said. "I'm comfortable with who I am."

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Speaking to talk show host Wendy Williams, the "Kingdom" actor said he doesn't regret wearing his ring, which became a staple of his and his brother's outfits.

"I think that it was an important part of my childhood, and it was that," he said. "I think as I grew up and sort of figured out what was important to me and my own belief system, which we all grow up, we all live life and find out what's important to us -- that's what happened.

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He continued, "I went on that journey myself and I'm now comfortable with who I am and what I believe in."

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The host didn't go into the intricacies -- like asking who he lost his virginity to -- but the "Jealous" singer has been dating former Miss USA Olivia Culpo for more than a year.

Still, the space where the purity ring occupied for so many years won't be replaced with a wedding ring anytime soon, he said.

"We have plenty of time," he said. "But we're happy. We're enjoying the ride of growing together. It's been a pretty insane year and a half. Lots of changes in both of our lives but she's been a great teammate through all of it."