Gary Lewis / Retna Ltd. 1 / 6
Gary Lewis / Retna Ltd. 1 / 6

By Dana Flax

Summon your Cyber Nanny! It's yet another celebrity sex tape alert.

Oh No They Didn't is currently reporting that a sex tape featuring Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel will soon be released.

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Silverman and Kimmel allegedly recorded a 15-minute-long romp during a romantic getaway a few years ago, and a lucky hotel employee who found their abandoned camera is shopping the tape around the media.

However, something smells fishy to us, considering the pair's fondness for viral video gags. Plus, we've assumed a collective state of denial considering how icky it sounds.

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On the other hand, the two are no longer together (and Silverman is currently dating the inconsiderate cell phone man from those commercials), so it could be possible that this alleged souvenir from their relationship is authentic.

What do you think, is it real, or is it *real* like Jimmy's steamy tryst with Ben Affleck?

And more importantly, could you even conjure the curiosity to watch it?

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