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Jennifer Love Hewitt's fiance, Brian Hallisay, is facing a battery accusation after a scuffle with a photographer in Los Angeles.

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Hewitt and Hallisay were finishing up dinner at Toscana in Brentwood, Calif., on Friday, when a paparazzo began trying to take pictures of them, according to TMZ.

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Although the couple asked him to refrain, he pressed on, snapping pictures despite their request.

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Finally, Hallisay had had enough and confronted the photographer, getting into a physical altercation. Hewitt ultimately allowed him to take a few photos because, according to TMZ, she felt bad about the situation. But the photographer ended up reporting the fight to police, claiming that he had been injured near his eye when the camera hit his face during the dustup.

E! News confirms that Hallisay was accused of battery, and that police are still investigating the incident.