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By Michelle Lanz, reporting by Mary S. Park

Like her co-stars on "Gossip Girl," actress Jessica Szohr is used to being impeccably styled from head-to-toe on a daily basis. So it was no surprise to find her mingling at the W Hotels Lounge during New York Fashion Week. Wonderwall stole a few minutes with the dark-haired beauty to chat about her style influences, her favorite city and which trends she'll be sporting in the Fall.

Wonderwall: What celebrities inspire your personal style?

Jessica Szohr: "I'm a big fan of Kate Moss' style. I'm like Michelle Williams, I think she has a great style. Kate Moss, she just looks effortless but still fashionable and hip and cool, and Michelle Williams looks like she always has a lot of cool vintage, one piece things. Who else do I like? I think Cameron Diaz on the red carpet always looks phenomenal and flawless."

WW: What do you think of Kate Moss' gray hair? You rushing out to dye yours gray, too?

JS: "I didn't even know she did that. That's cool, good for her. I'm sure everybody will be doing that now."


WW: What's the most stylish city you've ever been to?

JS: "I'd probably say Paris. I just did a photo shoot there, I had to pick my favorite city so the whole interview was in Paris. I liked it because it didn't matter how old anyone was, everyone was fashionable. You'd see a little girl, you'd see someone in their mid '20s and then you'd see someone in their late '60s they were all put together. And not too much it was just perfect

WW: What do you think of couture lines like Rodarte and Sonia Rykiel doing lines for Target and H&M?

JS: "I think it's amazing because not everybody does has a bunch of money to go spend. So when designers can do that and can give girls growing up that watch all these people on TV or movies and the fashions for them that's cool and hip and in, I think it's amazing."

WW: Speaking of amazing, love your dress.

JS: (Modelling her Herve Leger dress) What's not to love? They're comfortable, they're sexy, they're flirtatious and yeah I just feel good when I'm in it.  BCBG (showing off her BCBG shoes), they're actually comfortable for how tall they are.

WW: So what fashion trends will you be wearing this Fall?

JS: "I'm really into denim this year, everything denim. Just denim shirts and I'm trying to think of the pants I just got. I'm really into denim and stripes this year."

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