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Andrew Young, former aide to John Edwards, appeared on "Good Morning America" on Monday and continued to detail the cover-up of Edwards' affair with ex-mistress Rielle Hunter.

Young talked to "GMA" correspondent George Stephanopoulos and explained their reasoning for not coming clean about Edwards' love child from the beginning. He gave four reasons for not telling the truth including Elizabeth Edwards' health condition and her battle with cancer. "John made it very clear that she was going to die very shortly. He did not want to see Elizabeth die like this with this on the front page," he says, referring to Edwards fathering his mistress' baby.

The former aide and author of the new tell-all book The Politician said he "deeply believed" in Edwards' causes and thought he was the only viable candidate at the time who could beat Senator John McCain in the presidential race. "In our defense... we were convinced by the principals that all the viable candidates had some type of skeleton in the closet," he explains.

As for the sex tape that Young claims to have in his possession, he says that he's positive that the man on the tape is Edwards but is not certain that the pregnant woman in the footage is Hunter. He tells "GMA" that he has done nothing with the tape and does not plan on selling it.

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