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Sibling rivalry isn't an issue in John Travolta and Kelly Preston's home.

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In an interview with Wonderwall during the G'Day USA black-tie gala at LA Live's JW Marriott on Jan. 12, 2013, the actor gushed that his 12-year-old daughter, Ella, who "gets a big kick" out of her 2-year-old brother, Benjamin.

"She laughs a lot with him and they joke together. They're very loving towards each other," said Travolta. "I think 10 years between the children is really enough time to not be jealous and be a real older sibling. If you get too much younger than that they still want to have all of the attention, but by 8 or 10 they've had all the attention they need."

It could be that kind of domestic bliss that leads Kelly Preston to describe being parents at this stage in their lives -- Travolta is 58 and Preston is 50 -- as "wonderful" and "magical."

"It keeps you young because you think that it's over, and here you are, starting over again," Travolta explained. "It's kind of cool."

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Part of the youthful cool could be attributed to their active offspring. Preston describes Benjamin as "very athletic." "He's playing basketball and soccer," she said. "He's a jock really."

Travolta added that his children also inherited some of his musical genes. "My kids are musically inclined," he said. "Of course my son is 2, so that hasn't (fully) developed yet, but my daughter has interests in lots of different musical instruments and she's a good singer."

Speaking of music, Travolta dished that his recent collaboration with his "Grease" squeeze Olivia Newton-John on a Christmas album is just a taste of what's to come.

"We're going to try to add a couple of songs to the album every year and then maybe do a music video each year," he said.

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