Gus Ruelas / Wonderwall 1 / 13
Gus Ruelas / Wonderwall 1 / 13

Jon Cryer has saved himself $80,000 hike in his child support payments after a Los Angeles judge rejected his ex-wife's petition for extra funds.

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Sarah Trigger filed the request in October, alleging the former couple's 13-year-old son, Charlie Austin, had become a subject of ridicule at school because he could no longer keep up with his wealthy school friends, whose parents take them on "exotic vacations" and throw lavish parties, on the $8,000-a-month his mother receives from his father.

She also attempted to justify a bigger check by claiming that she now looks after Charlie 50% of the time, instead of the 4% she had previously spent with her child.

However, a judge dismissed Trigger's arguments in court on Wednesday, insisting there had been no change in circumstances that would require a big boost in child support, reports TMZ.

The "Two and a Half Men" star, who divorced Trigger in 2004, was ordered to give his ex monthly payments of $8,000 in 2011.

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Cryer is also a dad to daughter Daisy with Lisa Joyner, his wife of seven years.