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"Real" talk! Not long after Chris Soules gave his final rose to Whitney Bischoff in the Season 19 finale of "The Bachelor," an old lightning rod sent his well wishes to the happy couple… kind of.

Juan Pablo Galavis, the Season 18 star of the popular ABC show, took to Twitter to share his words of wisdom (or was it more of a warning?) He wished the best for happy couple but then added, "NOW is when it gets REAL."

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The "real" world didn't work out well for Juan Pablo, as he and his pick Nikki Ferrell split after months of criticism. Most the criticism centered on Juan Pablo refusing to tell Nikki "I love you" and Nikki continuing to stick around. He's universally regarded as the so-called "Worst 'Bachelor' Ever."

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Neither Chris nor Whitney responded to the tweet, but they did appear on "Good Morning America" on March 10 to show off their love.

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"I think right now we're really excited to just start our life as a normal couple in the real world," Whitney noted, while her new fiancé added: "Going to a movie in public. That'd be pretty cool."