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ET has just obtained the newly released FBI documents regarding the late Michael Jackson.

Between 1994 and 1995 and then again between 2004 and 2005, Jackson was investigated by California law enforcement agencies for possible child molestation, which he was later acquitted of. The papers are in regards to the aforementioned molestation as well as an extortion threats against the singer.

Five of the files are in regards to child molestation and one file, opened in 1995, details a request made to the FBI to analyze a videotape provided by U.S. Customs Service as part of a child pornography investigation.

Meanwhile, in 1992, the Los Angeles field office investigated extortion threats against Jackson and others. The subject of the investigation pled guilty and was sentenced to prison in 1993.

The files also show that federal help was requested when police were concerned about a possible terrorist attack stemming from Jackson's 1993 arrest.

The Santa Maria California Police Department asked for FBI involvement because they believed Jackson's court case would be a "soft target" for terrorism because of the massive media coverage.