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Police officers were called to a street in Los Angeles on Monday night amid reports Justin Bieber accidentally struck a photographer with his car.

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The pop star was leaving the Laugh Factory club on Sunset Boulevard in his Ferrari shortly before midnight when the incident occurred.

Witnesses allege Bieber tried to drive away as several snappers photographed him, but accidentally pinned one paparazzo to another car.

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Cops were called to the scene but Bieber had already left, apparently unaware of any incident. The singer, his reps and a number of witnesses were later interviewed by police, according to TMZ.

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The unnamed snapper reportedly suffered a leg injury and was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Early on Tuesday morning, TMZ reported that police did not plan to charge Bieber or treat the case as a hit and run, as the photographer, whose injuries were minor, should not have been in the roadway.