There won't be any fighting over who's cooking dinner in Mr. and Mrs. Timberlake's home!

Justin Timberlake stopped by The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Tuesday and opened up a little bit about his relationship with fiancee Jessica Biel.

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The last time Biel, 30, appeared on The Tonight Show, she mentioned she wanted to open a restaurant. So, Leno, 62, asked the Trouble with the Curve actor if he thought his future wife was a good cook.

"Yeah, she's really good," Timberlake, 31, said.

"You paused for a moment," Leno accused the actor.

"You have to understand, I'm going to leave this show and go home to her," Timberlake explained, grinning. "I don't know what she said when she was on the show, so I was thinking, 'Did she tell me anything that she said on the show' . . . I'm about insurance right now, Jay." 

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Who has more skill in the kitchen? "Well, it works out," the actor said. "She likes to cook. I like to bake . . . so dinner and dessert."

Us Weekly first broke the news of Timberlake and Biel's engagement in January. Since then, Timberlake has been busy filming Runner, Runner opposite Ben Affleck in Puerto Rico. But his fiancee joined him in the tropical location, and the couple were able to enjoy some fun in the sun.

"We're both adventure junkies," Timberlake shared. "She probably is even more than I am." Timberlake is, however, afraid of sharks. "I had never gone scuba diving before I met Jessica and she actually talked me into it," he said. "And I said, 'I got one rule, if we are on that boat and I see a shark I'm not going in the water, it's not happening.' "

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But Biel's future husband didn't freak out as he feared when a certain fish appeared in the water.

"Ironically, we're sitting on the boat… the first thing I see is a shark! And I just had this moment where I looked at her and was like, 'Ahh, whatever,' and we went in. It was actually really unbelievable."

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