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Kate Gosselin admits that "everything's falling apart" in her marriage in another new clip from the May 25 premiere of their TLC show Jon & Kate Plus 8.

"Everything's falling apart," Kate says. "I feel like the world is sitting on my shoulders."

As seen in Thursday's sneak peek clip, the couple of about 10 years speak to the camera separately. (In prior seasons, they give testimonials together.)

Kate added: "I will not give up. I will not lay down and die."

The video shows Kate rushing through crowds of photographers.

Us Weekly has reported that Jon Gosselin lives in an apartment above the garage of their $1.1 million home, and had an affair with a 23-year-old. Short-tempered Kate -- who fired 40 staffers in three months -- has become "inseparable" from her bodyguard.

"I can't be myself," Jon says in a separate testimonial. "I'm not feeling so hot right now. I might as well be in prison."

As for what's in store this coming season?

"We'll see what happens," he said.

The clip, which carried the tagline, "There are two sides to every story," urged fans to watch the fifth season premiere and see Jon and Kate face each other for the first time.

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