Play ball! Kate Middleton hasn't let her baby bump slow her down, and during a two-day tour of Scotland with husband Prince William, the royal mother-to-be proved that she's still light on her feet, even though she's six months pregnant.

The Duchess of Cambridge, 31, wore a plaid coat to cover her barely visible bump for a trip to a homeless shelter on Thursday, April 4. There, she and William, 30, played a game of ping pong and even shot some hoops as the crowd looked on.

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Middleton looked radiant and happy, flashing her large sapphire engagement ring as she gamely aimed for the basket and challenged her husband to a table tennis match. The expectant royal paired her coat with a pair of simple black tights and heeled black boots, her baby belly hardly showing.

The couple even gave reporters a hint at when to expect their baby son or daughter -- though Middleton was careful to keep the details to a minimum.

"It's around mid-July, but apparently babies have their own agenda," she joked to reporters about her due date.

On Friday, April 5, the royal twosome made a stop by the Dumfries House (Prince Charles was also on-hand for the visit), where Middleton was greeted with a startling sight -- her own likeness as a doll.

A little girl, 11-year-old Dayna Miller, approached the Duchess with a tiny lookalike doll, and a startled Middleton reacted with feigned shock.

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"No! Oh no, is that me? Is that meant to be me?" she asked. "Does my hair really look like that?"

The tiny doll featured a miniature replica of Middleton's now-iconic emerald blue engagement dress, a tiny pink hat and intricately designed gold purse.

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Miller, who said that "Kate's much prettier than the doll," pointed out that there were noticeable differences between her tiny plaything and the real Middleton.

"I told her she was much prettier than the doll and her hair was not nearly so big and she laughed and seemed happy," she said later. "I think she was a bit shocked by the doll though. I can't believe how nice she was though. She was just lovely. This has been the best day ever."

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