Royally convenient for a last-minute diaper run! Ahead of the birth of their first child, Prince William and Kate Middleton have received a special gift from their local supermarket -- a reserved, VIP parking space.

Asda supermarket in Llangefni, near the parents-to-be's home in Anglesey, Wales, has printed an image of a man, woman and child wearing crowns and holding hands in a front parking spot in their lot with the words, "HRH reserved." In a photo of the parking lot, a "royal guard" stands watch over the space. 

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"To celebrate the impending birth of Prince William and Kate's baby, we decided, with the Llangefni store being their local, that we would reserve a parking space especially for them," an Asda spokeswoman said in a statement to Us Weekly. "Kate has been spotted in the store a few times so we wanted to make life a bit easier for her. We also wanted to do something a bit different and special to celebrate the new arrival." (Prince William, 31, serves as a Royal Air Force search and rescue pilot in Anglesey, but has submitted his formal notice to leave when his current tour ends in late summer, a military source told Us.)

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"The parking space is at the front of the store for the couple's convenience and even has a royal guard keeping an eye on it to make sure that no-one else parks there," the statement continued. "It's created a lot of excitement amongst our customers who, like us are looking forward to the birth of the royal baby."

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Store manager Peter Ellis added, "The Duchess of Cambridge has graced the store with her regal presence several times before and we hope that the addition of her own parking space will entice her and her little Prince or Princess of Cambridge back to Asda."

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