Hear ye, hear ye! The Duchess of Cambridge's freelance hairstylist, Amanda Tucker, was spotted entering St. Mary's Hospital in London on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 23! The magnificently coiffed Kate Middleton may have labored to deliver an 8 lbs. 6 oz. baby boy just a day before, but that doesn't mean she's going to let her beauty routine fall by the wayside -- especially when more than 180 photographers and journalist are camped just outside.

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Although Tucker did Middleton's hair during her tour of the Pacific last summer and has even made house calls, the royal's regular hairstylist, according to a source, is Rossano Ferretti at Metodo Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa in London. The famed stylist charges upwards of 1,000 British pounds (or 1,535 American dollars). "I'm sure the reason Kate chose Rossano would be that the cut he does is so natural -- and she's a great fan of looking natural," says the source. Other celeb clients include royal Sophie Windsor, Salma Hayek, and the Olsen sisters.

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Ferretti specializes in a cut he calls "The Method," which emphasizes customizing each style to fit the client's specific hair type. "[His cut] is absolutely low-maintenance, so it's perfect for a new mother…. Rossano's method is helping the hair do what it would do naturally, so there's no need to blow dry or style it," continues the source. Middleton was seen entering his salon just a little over a month ago.

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Ferretti himself tells Us, "We never talk about our celebrity clients. We treat them like every other client. You can be whatever, it doesn’t matter to me. Many girls like to look at celebrities because they are worldwide icons, but I have a lot of respect for my clients."

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