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Sometimes the perks of fame (the wealth, the adulation, the abundance of freebies) aren't enough to offset the problems. Celebrity case in point: Keanu Reeves, whose genetic privacy is being invaded by someone he says he's never even met.

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TMZ reports the low-profile star has agreed to undergo DNA testing in order to discount a claim filed by a 46-year-old Canadian woman named Karen Sala, who believes he's the dad of "at least one" of her four adult children.

(And we're right there with you: The lack of specifics is seriously suspect, but moving on...)

Keanu's attorney says he advised him to undergo the paternity test in order to "clear his name" and put a permanent kibosh on the claims. (Go ahead and insert your own "Matrix"-y "he is not the one" joke here.) The actor is planning to take the test in the next few weeks.

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Reeves' rep has repeatedly said he has no clue who Sala is, calling the accusations "completely false and absurd."

"This is not about revenge or an attack on his good character -- it's about closure and getting some peace," Sala said outside an Ontario courthouse on Tuesday (via the Toronto Sun). "This is a personal journey."

A personal journey onto easy street.

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Court documents show that Sala is seeking $150,000 per month in child support, retroactive to June 1988, along with $3 million a month (!) in spousal support, retroactive to November 2006.

Last we checked, Keanu, who turned 45 on Wednesday (something tells us it wasn't his best birthday ever), has never been married. And there's no word on why Sala waited until her kids were in their 20s to make her allegations.

Lawyers for both sides are due back in court on Oct. 16.

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