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By Dana Flax

Sure, mothers are supposed to love their babies unconditionally, but do they really need to love their poop, too? Kendra Wilkinson recently chatted with us on the phone about the new season of "Kendra," her March Madness bracket picks, and, you guessed it, how she loves changing Little Hank's poopy diapers. Read the transcript or watch our interview video, then make sure to fill out your SoBe Lifewater bracket, too!

Wonderwall: Hi Kendra! So March Madness kicks off today. Wanna tell us what you're doing with SoBe?

Kendra Wilkinson: Yeah, I'm actually doing this wonderful thing with SoBe Lifewater Zero Inhibitions Bracket Challenge. It actually gives hoops fans the chance to go against a bracket with me, or Kenny, or Jerry Rice, or Brooklyn Decker. You go to sobe.fanhouse.com and fill out your bracket. You get to choose who you play against, and whoever you beat you get to meet. If you fill out your bracket perfectly, you get to win up to $10 million. So, there's zero to lose. It's a win-win for everybody.

WW: Excellent. Are you betting against any other celebrity bracket in the SoBe Lifewater challenge?

KW: Later on we're going to have some side-betting going on! [Laughs] But right now this is for the fans.

WW: Which are your top picks?

KW: As a new mom, I can't really sit down and watch TV too much, but before I watched a lot of college basketball. So, Kansas is my winner, but my underdog that's going to be in it with Kansas will be New Mexico.

WW: That sounds awesome. So are you going to be attending any of the Final Four games?

KW: Man, I wish. Last year I wanted to go, but it was around the time I found out I was pregnant. So, it's been one year since I found out I was pregnant. I could''t really go to March Madness when I was throwing up! [Laughs]

WW: Congratulations on the baby! He's really, really adorable!

KW: Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. It's the best time of my life, and I couldn't be happier.

WW: Do you think he looks more like you or more like Hank?

KW: After I give him a bath, he looks just like Hank though because of his little curly hair. Everyday is different though. It's funny how every day he just grows into one of us. It's just so fun.

WW: That's so cute. How did Hef react to meeting him for the first time?

KW: It was so funny! It was right when we got to L.A. about two weeks ago, and that was one of the first places we wanted to take the baby. Hef is one of our best friends, it's just a very important thing for us to do, get a lot of pictures with him and the baby. Hef was just like, "Are you serious, my Kendra has a baby?" [Laughs]

WW: It must be a shocker for him.

KW: Yeah it was, definitely. He's the best guy. I love Hef.

WW: Have ["Girls Next Door" former co-stars] Holly and Bridget met the baby? Are they going to be doing any babysitting for you?

KW: No! [Laughs] They're actually in my show, coming up. Holly came to visit, and she got a chance to meet the baby. Bridget got a chance to meet the baby, but he was sleeping during the time I saw her so we didn't want to wake him up that time!

WW: Congrats on the new season of "Kendra!"

KW: Thank you so much! It's amazing how we're on our second season, and this season is completely different than the first.

WW: What surprises can we expect from this season?

KW: What I can say about this season is it's real; this is as real as it can get. There's so much to go through. There's 13 episodes left, and there's a lot about how we coped after the baby came and how we're happy now. It's a great show.

WW: Do you plan on having any more children?

KW: Of course, yeah! Right now I'm trying to get my body back into shape and trying to have some fun with No. 1. He's very special to us, and we definitely want to give all of our love to little baby Hank. Once he's set to go to elementary school, then we will start on the second! [Laughs]

WW: What are you doing to shed the baby weight?

KW: It's funny; SoBe LifeWater is actually what I drink while shaping up because you get so sick of water, you know? It's a great drink to drink while you're dieting.

WW: So, we were just wondering: What was your first experience like changing a poopy diaper?

KW: It's so funny that you say that, because, Hank just sent me a video of the baby pooping, and I'm like, "I miss his poop so much!" Everything about my baby I just love. I don't care if it's poop. The first diaper I ever changed was his, and it was special.

WW: That's sweet!

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