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Khloe Kardashian and James Harden seemed smitten with each other, spending holidays and celebratory occasions together. Lamar Odom, Khloe's estranged husband, apparently was never an issue in their relationship.

He's still not.

James, the star of Houston Rockets, hasn't been around Khloe since she rushed to Lamar's side after he was found unconscious and taken to a Las Vegas hospital. According to a new report, James is very understanding of his rumored girlfriend's decision.

"He is so nice and being as supportive as humanly possible given the situation," a source close to the Kardashians told People magazine. "Lamar essentially has zero consistent family other than the Kardashians, and James understands that. The last thing he would want to do would be to add more stress to her plate."

Khloe and James began dating in June and celebrated the 4th of July together in Las Vegas, coincidentally enough. Around the end of August, Khloe arranged an elaborate fireworks for James' 26th birthday.

Despite their distance, he is apparently still supporting her, despite the rumors that Lamar had "issues" with Khloe's relationship with James.

"He never had any intention of going to Vegas," a second source tells People. "He supports her of course, but understands she needs space and to be with Lamar."

Lamar continues to improve in the hospital, and he's reportedly speaking and off of his ventilator. The road to recovery is still difficult. And, it seems that the recovery will begin happening a little closer to the Kardashian's homes.

"Khloe and Kris [Jenner] decided to move Lamar to a rehab center in L.A. so they can all be closer to him," a source told Us Weekly, adding that the move could happen as early as this week.

"He's still getting better little by little," the source adds. "The doctors are starting to talk about plans for what happens when he gets out and that's how rehab came up, but he still has a ways to go."

The source said recovery will be "very slow" and it will be a "struggle."

"Khloe is committed to staying with him," the source says. "Everyone is so happy he's alive but taking it very carefully, as you know anything can turn towards the worst again. It's a slow process but Khloe is there every step of the way, and her family is supporting her and Lamar's family is there too. It's all been so draining and emotional."

With the NBA season set to begin next week, both Khloe and James will likely have different focuses -- she'll be focused on Lamar's fight for a normal life; James will be focused on his fight for a championship.

But, will they fight for their relationship?