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Can Khloe Kardashian and French Montana quit each other?

The reality-TV star and the rapper just so happened to be at Mirage's Stack restaurant in Las Vegas on Dec. 30, as Khloe hosted a party afterward at the nearby 1 OAK Nightclub. Is it simply a coincidence that French, her ex-boyfriend, hosted a party a mile away at a strip club while his former girl hosted at a nightclub? Maybe. Maybe not.

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For her part, though, Khloe told reporters that she is single and loving it.

"For me, being single isn't a negative," she told Wonderwall.com. "I think it's a time of learning and reflecting."

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She continued, "I'm here with all my girlfriends. I think it's a time to reflect and come to terms with your life and reevaluate where you are in life and come to terms with yourself, focus on yourself," she said of her personal life. "I think being single is really healthy for people. I think people who go into one relationship to another, I don't know if they have a healing process of what went wrong or how to better themselves."

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Donning a black custom Michael Costello dress, Khloe said she has a plan for the upcoming year and it's definitely aggressive.

She said, "I'm just trying to take over the world one day at a time."

But will French be there for this takeover? We'll just have to wait and see.